Starting of the building of Dunai Vasmu, the legal predecessor of the company group.

March - September 1952

Power Plant construction






The blast furnace shell is constructed






The individual units of the core business, two blast furnaces and two open-hearth furnaces of the steelworks were prepared.

27 February 1954

First tapping in BF





30 April 1954

Power Plant opening









20 August 1954

First casting










Investment and production were running simultaneously, the focus was gradually placed from construction to production and further two open-hearth furnaces were installed in the steelworks during this period.

8 July 1956

Coking block No. I was commissioned.





27 June 1960

Coking block No. II was commissioned.

17 July 1960

Hot rolling mill was commissioned.






The metallurgical technology became complete. The production of so-called metallurgical secondary products (cold bent profiles, spirally welded pipes, light steel structures, radiators) started and the cold rolling mill was also completed by the end of the period.

4 July 1965

Cold rolling mill was commissioned..






The development of industrial production made Dunai Vasmu one of the determinant companies of domestic metallurgy. The products of the company provided the bases for the development of the road vehicle program and mechanical engineering (e.g. Ikarus, Rába), the construction of oil and gas pipeline systems (e.g. Barátság petroleum pipelines) and the general spreading of the light constructional building system.


LD steel-making started, SM steel-making gradually descended.












LD-converter steel-making process started, open-hearth steel-making process continuously decreased.







The name of the company was changed to DUNAFERR.

13 November 1986

Commissioning of the new coking block No. III.


First Coil-box of Central Europe was constructed.





May 1993

The establishment of the domestic trade steel product distribution network, the so-called DUNAFERR Center Network, of the company started aligning with the requirements of the domestic market structure.


DUNAFERR became an associated member of EUROFER.


Implementation of automatic gauge control in the finishing mill of hot rolling mill and control system adjusting the rolling programs automatically.


Installation of Georg slitting line with automatic packaging and piling equipment.






Installation of a new coiler of 25 tons in the hot rolling mill.











Dust removal of the blast furnace casting bay.





Intensification of the continuous casting plant, installation of three-position ladle metallurgical station.


Introduction of metalworking technology with CTA stand in profile production.


DUTRADE Steel Service Center is established






Finishing of the intensification jobs of the continuous hot-dip galvanizing line.






Implementation of the collective treatment of oil-scale water from the hot rolling mill and sludge from blast furnace gas cleaning.

18 December 2002

Governmental decision on the privatization of DUNAFERR.

30 September 2004 

The privatisation process of DUNAFERR has been completed successfully with the realisation of closing terms stated in the Share Underwriting and Investment Agreement between Állami Privatizációs és Vagyonkezelő Rt. (Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company) and the investment consortium established by Industrial Union of Donbass, Alcsevszk Metallurgy Combine Corp., Duferco International Trading Co. Ltd., and Kundax AG.

21 August 2007

DUNAFERR takes the name ISD DUNAFERR Danube Ironworks Private Company Limited by Shares. Abbreviated name of the company ISD DUNAFERR Zrt.

16 June 2008

Opening of new coil transfer chain between the Hot and Cold Rolling Mills, hot coil storeroom, hydrochloric acid pickling and acid regeneration plant, as well as1700 mmreversing roll stand.




30 October 2008

Handover of electro filter equipment in Ore dressing and agglomerating plant forming part of BF technology.




11 March 2011

Open house of the new site of NEO Slovak a.s. in the Cold Rolling Mill.





16 June 2012

Commissioning of the walking beam reheating furnace in the Hot Rolling Mill.





15 June 2013

Inauguration of the new technological water treatment plant of ISD Kokszolo Kft.