Industrial Union of Donbass Corporation

ISD Corporation established in  Donetsk (Ukraine) in 1995 is one of the largest transnational companies playing a key role in steel production in the Middle and East-European region. The headquarters of the company is in Donetsk, Ukraine.

With its steel-making capacity of as high as 10 million tons p.a. ISD Corporation is the only Ukrainian company among the 40 largest metallurgical companies in the world.

The consortium directed by the Industrial Union of Donbass privatized DUNAFERR Company Group on 30 September 2004.

More than 40 thousand employees work for the international team of ISD.

Sales are realized by Duferco, the largest international metal trading company having world-wide distributors' network. The company's strategic partnerships with Ukrainskaya gorno-metallurgicheskaya kompaniya (AO UGMK), as well as with Russkaya gorno-metallurgicheskaya kompaniya facilitate performing trade activity also in theUkraineand CIS countries.

ISD Corporation, metallurgical enterprises in the DUNAFERR Company Group:

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant (Alchevsk, Ukraine)

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, one of the oldest steel mills of South-Eastern Ukraine, is an integrated steel producer.

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant is one of the largest companies in theUkraine, operating 7 main shops:

  • a blast furnace plant,
  • a sinter plant,
  • a SM-steel mill,
  • a blooming shop,
  • plate mill no. 1,
  • plate mill no. 2,
  • rolling mill

Over 15 thousand people work at the company.

Alchevsk Coking Plant (Alchevsk, Ukraine)

The plant is specialized in producing blast furnace coke, resin, coal charge, benzene and ammonium sulphate. The company operates five coke oven batteries and is one of the three largest coke producers in theUkraine.

Over 3 thousand employees work at the company.

Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant (Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine)

Dneprovskiy Dzerzhinskiy Metallurgical Plant is one of the largest mining-metallurgical companies in the Ukraine. Founded 120 years ago, the works has a long history of achievements.

DMKD is among six major steel mills in the country according to its production volume and sales of steel products. DMKD plant is located inDneprodzerzhinsk,Ukraine. Over 17 thousand people work there.

ISD Huta Częstochowa (Częstochowa, Poland)

ISD Huta Częstochowa metallurgical plant is the largest and most modern enterprise of Poland producing plate.

3.5 thousand people work at the plant, among them 600 people are engaged in the Centre of steel work production.