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DUTRADE Steels Product Processing and Trading Co., (DUTRADE Zrt.) is a Hungarian steel producer with a long tradition, it is a member of the ISD DUNAFERR Group.

DUTRADE Zrt. has been running a domestic steel distribution network of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. since 1992. The company set up the first Steel Service Center of Hungary in the framework of its own investments project.


Due to its hardness, ductility, plasticity and versatile use, as reflected by latest technological developments, steel deserves to be called the basic material of the 21st century.  You can benefit from the favourable characteristics of steel if you can obtain the required steel products in the appropriate quality, quantity and size at the right time.  This task is fulfilled by the dealers who have storage facilities worldwide. They do not only offer high quality products but they also provide high level services tailored to individual customer needs.  So their partners can purchase their basic materials and solutions optimised for them in a simpler, faster and more economical way.  

ISD DUNAFERR Company Group is one of the largest industrial ventures of today's Hungarian economy. In the past few decades it has built up the network of DUTRADE Centers, which distribute steel products produced by ISD DUNAFERR Co. Ltd. and other Hungarian and foreign metallurgical companies. The 60 years' past of ISD DUNAFERR Group testifies that it thinks in the long term and its operation is based on a solid strategy, which ensures its adaptability to the constantly changing environment and market demands, and enables it to play a leading role on the market. 

Our changing world keeps bringing new challenges for the players of the economy. The common objectives determining the future may be built on the knowledge acquired in the past, the knowledge of customers, the experiences accumulated during production, logistics and the application of technology.

The STEEL SERVICE CENTER gives a competitive response to current market challenges in a dynamic and definite manner.  DUTRADE Zrt. set up the Steel Service Center in Dunaújváros according to the well-established practice in highly developed industrial countries.  Our high quality service center located in the geographical centre of Hungary offers the following services in line with customer needs:  splitting of hot rolled, pickled and cold rolled as well as coated coils, and cutting to length of sheets and cutting of sheets to shape as requested by customers.


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