Association of the Hungarian Steel Industry

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Association of the Hungarian Steel Industry was established by the Ministry of Metallurgy and Engineering Industry in 1968 by declaring mandatory membership of the steel industrial companies inHungary. The member companies of the Association of the Hungarian Steel Industry are metallurgical, metallurgy-related trade (scrap, finished product), raw material producing, processed product manufacturing (steel structure), research, quality and energy supplying companies.

The organization was transformed into a voluntary association in 1980, and operates in this form also today.

The voluntary, cooperative organization founded by the member companies is aimed at coordinating and representing the member companies' interests, promoting the effectiveness of management, as well as conducting specified additional activity in a professional way.

The primary task of the Association is to cooperate with the member companies, the government, trade unions, national steel industrial associations and international organization, with the aim of representing the member companies' interests, in every topic that promotes the increase of competitiveness and hereby maximum utilization of market possibilities. Its purpose is to provide assistance to the member companies in solving the special and common problems that are closely, but not directly related to their basic activity, in performing new tasks arising from the accession to the European Union, as well as to represent the interests of the Hungarian steel industry at EU organizations.

99.5% of domestic pig iron and steel production, as well as hot rolled product manufacturing is given by the member companies of the Association.

Member company of the Association of the Hungarian Steel Industry is among others

  • ISD POWER Kft.
  • ISD Kokszoló Kft.
  • Dunaferr Ferromark Kft.
  • DUTRADE Zrt.
  • TÜKI Zrt.