Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2400 Dunaújváros, Latinovits Z. u. 10. (Contractors' House)



+36 (25) 502 060

+36 (25) 502 061



+36 (25) 502 060

+36 (25) 502 061


The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade is an economic interest representing organization operating as a public corporation, the primary task of which is to enforce the general interests of the economy, and to participate in economy development and economy organization. At the same time it forms opinion on draft economic proposals and statutory provisions. Furthermore the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade elaborates regulations including the rules of ethics regarding the fair market behaviour. Coordination of the interest representation system of the chamber in Hungarian economy, keeping contact with the national chambers of each country, as well as participation in international chamber organizations, furthermore arbitration in international cases and international complaint management are also included in its sphere of tasks.

The supreme body of the national chamber of commerce and trade is the assembly of delegates of regional chambers. Besides the chamber's operation in the period between the assemblies of delegates are managed by the presidency. The supervisory board controls the activity of the chamber bodies and reports to the assembly of delegates.

One of the regional chambers is the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Dunaújváros operated at the site of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. (