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Manufacturing of parts

Unique, small and medium batch production of machine-cut structural elements. DFK Ltd. is able to manufacture almost all types of structural elements that can be produced by machine-cutting.

Structural elements are produced from own prefabrications (cast and forged prefabrications, welded steel structures), from base materials from trade or from materials supplied by the customers.

There is also a possibility to produce unique, special structural elements beside the general ones (shafts, couplings, gears, other cogged parts, bearing blocks, etc.). Large-scale manufacturing facilities, CNC-machines make it possible to meet almost every requirement on the field of mechanical working.

The structural elements are delivered heat treated, packaged and supplied with the required quality certification according to the customers' demands.


Manufacturing of machines

Complete manufacturing of machines, equipment and machine units according to unique demands. Manufacturing activity is assisted to a great extent by other manufacturing capacities of DFK Ltd. (manufacturing of parts, manufacturing of cast and forged prefabrications, steel structure manufacturing), as well as by over 60 years of manufacturing experience.

Our typical products:

  • Metallurgical equipment (for the steelworks and the rolling mills)
  • Tube and profile production lines, machine units, as well as dies belonging to these
  • Slitting lines and machine units
  • Plate shears, levelling machines
  • Large-scale mechanisms, bases
  • Unique, special drives
  • Unique, special equipment

Related services:

- consultancy

- mechanical and electrical assembly

- hydraulic assembly, performance of tests

- test rotating of complete equipment

- surface protection, packaging according to demands

- transport

Documents proving compliance with quality requirement


  • Machining
  • Heat treatment
  • Casting
  • Forging