Special machined parts are prepared by small and medium batch production from own produced, pre-fabricated elements (cast, forged, welded steel structure), base materials from trade or prefabricated elements produced by our customers.

Required heat treatment is performed in the heat treating workshop.

Our great equipment, machining centres make it possible to meet wide range of customer demands in the field of mechanical machining.


Heat treatment

Numerous kinds of heat treating procedures can be implemented by natural gas and electric power operated equipment. Besides simple tempering and hardening operations, multi-stage heat treating and cementing can also be performed




Primarily the pre-fabricated elements of special parts prepared by small and medium batch production are cast in our foundry workshop.

Our cast products are prepared by bench moulding using the most advanced moulding auxiliaries.
We can produce the most difficult wooden and plastic patterns in our pattern shop.
Our typical cast products are: crane wheel, gear body and gear rim, drive housing, grinding cone, crushing mantle, breaker jaw, sheave, rope drum, heat-, corrosion- and wear resisting parts.
Branches of industry using our castings: engineering industry, ferrous metallurgy, mining machine engineering industry, cement industry, power industry, construction materials industry, flour milling, automotive industry.



Various open-die forged parts are produced in our forging workshop in accordance with the dimensional tolerance as specified by the standards MSZ 5744 or DIN 7527.
Forged pieces are delivered to customers in unmachined or roughly machines condition, ultrasonic tested, as required.