Directorate of Information Technologies

Lászlóné KÓKAI


+36 (25) 581 696

+36 (25) 583 390

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Information Technology Directorate of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. supports and meets IT demands of the Company and subsidiaries, in almost all fields.

It develops and operates company management, data collecting, document management, communication and information systems of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. and the member companies. The coordination of software and hardware purchase, network development and supervision, maintenance of IT and telecommunication devices also belong to its scope of activities.


Main activities:

Infrastructure operation

  • Network operation and supervision
  • Operation and supervision of computer centres
  • Server operation

ERP System operation

  • SAP system operation, development
  • MFG/PRO system operation

Technical Support

  • Help Desk service
  • Operation, maintenance of PCs, notebooks
  • Network maintenance
  • User support
  • Purchase of IT devices, accessories

Application development

  • Operation of Internet/Intranet systems and services
  • Development, operation of custom-built applications


  • Wire and cell phone services
  • Maintenance of industrial CCTV systems
  • Network construction, maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of industrial radio system