Process Control and Measurement Technology Unit

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Process Control Workshop

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Equipment Maintaining Workshop

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Equipment Repair Workshop

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Designing, execution, on-site assembly and maintenance of control technique systems, instruments, control panels, switchboards.

Process control, PLC control, industrial informatics, measurement data collection, database systems.

Integration of non-contacting on-line gauges into the industrial automation system, installation, maintenance, repair: 

  • isotopic, X-ray and laser sheet thickness gauge, layer-thickness meter, tank level and density gauge, laser surface roughness gauge systems;
  • laser strip speed and length gauges;
  • optoelectronic hot metal sensors, pyrometers, optic gates.

Construction, installation of industrial scales (bridge scales, table scales, bucket scales, conveyor scales, batch scales, etc.), modernization, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, OMH certification of the existing ones.

Installation, operation and maintenance of installed and portable equipment, devices and systems analysing the gas, flue gas and liquid composition and performing technological and/or life protecting tasks.