Electric Repair Shop

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The over 6-decade experience, the staff and the unique equipment and machinery of Electric Repair Shop of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. are the guarantee for the quick and high quality repair of electrical equipment and machinery.

We provide services for our customers in the following 4 major fields:

1. Repair of electrical equipment

  • over 10kW
  • in the range of 0.4 -10kV
  • mechanical and electrical repair
  • manufacture of round and shaped wire coils, coil parts
  • on-site repair of large equipment

2. Repair of electrical equipment

  • repair of lifting magnets, magnetic clutches, magnetic brakes
  • repair of dry transformers, coils up to 0.4kV

3. Impregnation

  • impregnation of stators and rotors and other coil elements
  • insulation class "F"with eco-friendly vacuum impregnator
  • crane capacity: 15 tons
  • dimensions: Ø =2400mm,  l=2800mm

4. Diagnostics and thermovisual inspection of machines

  • misalignment tests
  • vibration tests
  • balancing of solids of revolution, rotors of electrical equipment under laboratory and/or on-site conditions
  • inspection of electrical equipment with thermographic camera as well as combined diagnostics of rotary  equipment - in order to avoid damages, lengthy outages and breakdowns


Our facilities:

  • cca. 5500 m2 floorspace
  • we can be reached on road and by rail and have direct access to our repair shop
  • cranes: up to 20 tons
  • round wire wiring machines, shaped wire insulating and soldering machines
  • balancing equipment:  maximum Ø =2000mm and 2 tons
  • kilns, drying furnaces, painting cabins, scrubbing cabins
  • special sized vacuum impregator that is unique in Hungary