Materials Testing and Calibrating Laboratories Directorate

András BOCZ


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Innovation Directorate

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Technical accreditation:

  • Sample preparation, physical and chemical analysis of solid fuels (including coals), dressing an thermal processing products, combustion residues, biofuels, cokes.
  • Measuring of the water content and kinematic viscosity of mineral oils and liquid mineral oil products.
  • Sampling of iron ore pellet and other Fe-carriers, manual sample preparation and chemical analysis.
  • Determination of ignition loss, CaO, MgO and SiO2 content, as well as reactivity of limestone, dolomite, burnt lime and blast furnace slag.
  • Measuring of the total gamma-activity of steel, slag, soil and powdered materials.
  • Sample preparation and chemical analysis of steels, metallic materials, slags.
  • Measuring of surface roughness.Mass and bond testing of the zinc coating of galvanized sheets and strips.
  • Mechanical and technological testing of metallic materials, welded joints, preparation of macrosections.
  • Determination of the magnetic characteristics of electrotechnical steel sheets and strips.
  • Ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetizable powder, dye-penetrant test and visual inspection, vacuum bubble leak test, ultrasonic microhardness test, crack test by normal sound of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, sheets, castings, forged pieces, welded seams.
  • Sample preparation of ground, muddy ground, physical and chemical tests, physical and chemical analysis of rock samples, rock stockpiles.
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of drinking water, surface water, subsurface water and waste water.
  • Chemical analysis of waste water sludge.
  • On-site continuous instrumental measuring of air pollutants emitted from fixed air polluting sources, as well as data recording.
  • Isokinetic sampling of solid matter emitted from fixed polluting sources, as well as sampling of inorganic air pollutants.
  • Determination of the mass and composition of settling dust in workplace and ambient air.
  • Sampling from workplace air and polluting sources, physical and chemical testing of samples, determination of climate parameters of workplace air.
  • Sampling of wastes, sample preparation, as well as physical and chemical pre-testing forming the basis of their classification.
  • Noise level measurement
  • Lighting measurement
  • Human vibration measurement