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Our company has had thermovisional equipment applicable to the measurement of surface temperature, as well as the preparation of thermal pictures since 1991.

For the tests we use the camera type FLIR ThermaCAM SC2000 measuring the density of infra radiation and its complex evaluation equipment, the measuring and evaluating system of which is one of the most modern techniques in Hungary.

The surface temperature or heat distribution of the standing or moving object is determined by sensing and measuring the infrared radiation emitted by the surface (e.g. in the case of technological processes: test of the effectiveness of strip cooling on the surface of a sheet having the speed of 8 m/s, etc.). The wide measuring range of our thermovisional system – that ranges from -40 to +2000 °C– provides a wide range of applications. Within this measuring range we can detect a temperature difference of even0.1 °Con the surface tested.

We are at the disposal of the users with wide-ranging evaluation possibilities (statistical, extreme – maximal and minimal – temperature values of points and arbitrary areas, etc.) to meet their emerging demands.

Our infrared camera has a calibration certificate.

Our measurement system can be used in the fields of energetics, technology, maintenance and other. Some of them are:

Energetic measurements

Revealing heat losses, loss revealing test of energetic systems and energetic test of equipment.

  • Test of the insulation of heating lines and steam lines (test of the steam line in the Paper Mill)
  • Failure reveal and state determination of heat exchange systems (test of the boilers of EMA-POWER Ltd.)
  • Test of the insulation of buildings, reveal of heat losses – e.g. family houses, nursery schools, schools, cold-storage houses, etc. (building diagnostic tests carried out for INTERCISA Housing Association)
  • Tests of the insulation and walls of furnaces (test of pusher-type furnaces)

Survey of the lining and insulation of ladles and soaking vessels (survey of pig iron and BOF big ladles)



Technological measurements

Test of the operation of technological equipment and systems

  • Test of the longitudinal and transversal temperature distribution of strip during rolling (DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Temperature distribution test of the slabs during hot rolling (DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Controlling the temperature of the slab from the continuous casting mill, test of the transversal change of temperature (DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Determination of coiling temperature (DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Measuring the heat distribution of the coil in coil-box (DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Test of the technological phases of a paper-making machine (DUNAPACK Co.)



Maintenance tests

Test of the state of machines and equipment

  • Test of the harmful warming of electrical equipment and control rooms (AGRO-KOMPLEX SOYA Co.)
  • Warming test of electric motors (NEUSIDLER Szolnok Co.)
  • Test of the state and warming of rotary machines and bearings
  • Determination of the places of punctures and deposits of pipelines
  • Test of the primary routes of lines



Other tests

Our activity can be applied at the following places beside the above-listed application possibilities:

  • Participation in development engineering and research
  • Safety engineering tests
  • Environmental tests, etc.