Calibration services

The accredited calibrating laboratory provides the following services:

  • Clarifying, solving metrology issues
  • Calibration performed by precision devices, calibration test pieces

             - Calibration of electric instruments

             - Calibration of thermometers

             - Calibration of pressure gauges

             - Calibration of gas analysers

             - Calibration of length meters

             - Calibration of non-automatic balances



Special machined parts are prepared by small and medium batch production from own produced, pre-fabricated elements (cast, forged, welded steel structure), base materials from trade or prefabricated elements produced by our customers.

Required heat treatment is performed in the heat treating workshop.

Our great equipment, machining centres make it possible to meet wide range of customer demands in the field of mechanical machining.


Heat treatment

Numerous kinds of heat treating procedures can be implemented by natural gas and electric power operated equipment. Besides simple tempering and hardening operations, multi-stage heat treating and cementing can also be performed




Primarily the pre-fabricated elements of special parts prepared by small and medium batch production are cast in our foundry workshop.

Our cast products are prepared by bench moulding using the most advanced moulding auxiliaries.
We can produce the most difficult wooden and plastic patterns in our pattern shop.
Our typical cast products are: crane wheel, gear body and gear rim, drive housing, grinding cone, crushing mantle, breaker jaw, sheave, rope drum, heat-, corrosion- and wear resisting parts.
Branches of industry using our castings: engineering industry, ferrous metallurgy, mining machine engineering industry, cement industry, power industry, construction materials industry, flour milling, automotive industry.



Various open-die forged parts are produced in our forging workshop in accordance with the dimensional tolerance as specified by the standards MSZ 5744 or DIN 7527.
Forged pieces are delivered to customers in unmachined or roughly machines condition, ultrasonic tested, as required.



Materials testing

Chemical materials testing

  • Performance of tests in relation to the quality control of coals and cokes, as well as analysis of by-products produced during coking.
  • Chemical testing of pig iron, cast iron, steels, metals, slags.
  • Testing of metallurgical raw and auxiliary materials.
  • Specification of the chemical composition of refractory materials, burnt lime, lime products and dolomites.
  • Determining the chemical composition of metals, non-ferrous metals, dusts, solid and liquid materials.
  • Testing of zinc coatings.
  • Testing of steel sheet and steel strip products manufactured for enamelling.
  • Measuring of the total gamma-activity of steels, slags, soil and powdered materials.

ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. Materials Testing and Calibrating Laboratories Directorate


Mechanical Materials Testing

Standard mechanical testing of various steel products:

  • Tensile tests at ambient and increased temperature.
  • Charpy impact test at ambient and low temperature.
  • Preparation, documentation of macro- and microsections.
  • Hardness tests by Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers methods.
  • Compression tests.
  • Drop weight tear test (DWTT) of tube base materials at low temperature.
  • Testing of magnetic characteristics of electrotechnical steel sheets.
  • Erichsen deep-drawing test.

Mechanical forging works of sample preparation for materials testing is also performed.


Metallographic tests

  • Specifying the apparent grain size of steels by microscope.
  • Specifying average grain size by standard testing methods.
  • Testing non-metallic inclusions of special steels by microscope, comparing with images
  • Testing the microstructure of the graphite of cast iron
  • Macrotesting of steels. Specifying sulphur distribution by Baumann-process.

ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. Innovation Directorate


Surface physical and surface chemical testing

  • Specifying surface roughness index numbers by section scanning device
  • Specifying coating thickness by eddy-current testing method
  • Specifying coating thickness by magnetic testing method


Non-destructive materials testing

The materials testing persons qualified in accordance with the requirements of MSZ EN 473 standard can provide services at any required venue, as well as in the non-destructive materials testing laboratory in the area of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt.:

  • Ultrasonic and radiographic testing of welding seams, various parts, etc.
  • Ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetizable powder, dye-penetrant test and visual inspection, ultrasonic microhardness test, crack test by normal sound of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, sheets, castings, forged pieces, welded seams, etc.